Our Quality

At SwingBeauty Hair, we are proud of our hairs are collected by ourselves and with professional production skill and strict quality control.Inspected strictly for removing Grey hair, lice and nits and eggs etc.Processed only with pure water,shampoo and hair conditioner,without any chemical treated and in steam permed textures as well.So all of our hairs are 100% PREMIUM GRADE,softest without dry condition.

Hair Weaving

* Double layer,strong well constructed.

* Thinnest,softest and most flexible weft.

* Flat layout for most natural look.

* Shortest folding hair prevents tangling.

Hair Texture

* NO chemical processing,NO usage of harsh chemical solvents.

* Purification process added for preventive scalp infections treatment and extra freshness.

* Enhanced Health & Hygienic Benefits.

* You can bleach and dye within 10-15 minutes.

Hair Style

SwingBeauty Hair has a huge range of hair extensions, allowing you to choose the style, colour length and weight you want, so that your extensions are tailor made to you, to give you the look you’ve been dreaming of .

* Only with steam permed completely unprocessed and NO chemical.

* Most Natural Relaxed Texture for Straight Hair.

* Most Defined,MoBisture-Rich Curl Patterns.

* Longest Lasting Hair .

Hair End

* Full and thick ,health and natural no split.

Hair Color

Our stunning range of celebrity inspired various colors, will provide seamless blending to your own natural hair colour.